Dan Bergin-Holly

Hello there!

I'm Dan - a producer and product manager for video games! I've mostly worked on mobile games like Angry Birds Transformers and Sonic Dash 2. But I'm a big fan of all sorts of games. I once started a YouTube Series about Boardgames you can play on your lunch break!

I've Done Things

Yes all sorts of things! I ran an arts festival for a while called 10 Days in Dublin. I created a Live Point & Click Adventure Game called FUSED. I've also worked for some great companies like SixMinute, SEGA and Exient. These days, I mostly work in videogames helping teams make great products.

I've Written Things

I've written a Ph.d - and gotten a chapter of it published in a book. I've written about Microtransactions and Patents. I've even written about The Full Irish Breakfast. Would you like to write to me? Why not hit me up on Twitter? or if you're feeling really saucy - send me an email!